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Performance Nutrition

Learn to refine timing and composition of meals to increase muscle development, improve endurance/strength and speed recovery time. Sessions will focus on delivering precise recommendations that can be incorporate into workout regimes and training sessions straight away to see immediate results. Supplement recommendations will be discussed and you will receive a meal plan that focuses on balancing macro nutrients to promote optimal performance.

Overview of what to expect from session:

Building a strong foundations and gaining the competitive edge

  • Balancing macro nutrients for optimal performance
    • Role of each macro nutrient
  • Specific recommendations for daily calorie intake and macro nutrient breakdown.
  • Choosing the best fuel to achieve the best results
    • High GI vs Low GI etc.
  • Color-the energy booster.
  • Fluid intake
  • Review and discuss any supplements that you are currently using.
  • Examine supplements, alternative fuels and super-foods