Whole food philosophy

At Origins Nutrition we believe that there is more to food than just counting calories, or breaking it down into fats, carbs and proteins. It’s the little guys, the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and enzymes that do the real work, these micronutrients are essential for not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Eating food in its whole state or as close to it as possible (avoiding refined and processed foods) is the best way to improve overall health.

We believe that there is more to health that fitting into a designated ‘healthy weight range’. Eating foods which promote vitality, increase energy and help to prevent disease are more important than eating foods to ‘get skinny’. The best part though, when you focus on health promoting foods, weight loss is a side effect.

We believe that overall healthy is a combination of healthy body (through fitness and nutrition), healthy mind (through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle) and doing things for the health of the surrounding community and to a greater extent the planet, when we contribute to making our environment healthy we all thrive-you cannot experience total health if you are living in an unhealthy environment.

At Origins Nutrition we believe that each person is unique when it come to the type of foods that will best nourish and support optimal health and that no single ‘diet’ or ‘meal plan’ will work for everybody.

No two people have exactly the same nutritional requirements. Stress, exercise, quality of sleep, age, gender, digestion and absorption, and the quality of food being consumed all impact overall health and well-being and must be taken into consideration if optimal health is to be reached.

The one thing that does remain the same from client to client is our strong emphasis on choosing whole-foods whenever possible and reducing or avoiding processed foods.

When the consumption of whole foods is increased in the diet, clients notice an immediate improvement in their overall health, mood, weight and even sleep patterns.