Before I had my sessions with Jessi, I was stuck in a rut of thinking that eating healthy and enjoying my food were two things that did not go together. Jessi taught me that I could maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle and enjoy everything I ate.

Everything was completely customized to my likes, my lifestyle, and my personal goals. Which was quite a task considering I work nights! She was so understanding and supportive through every step of the process. I would highly recommend utilizing her to help you with all of your nutritional needs.

~ Gabrielle Chopin, Registered Nurse, Chicago

Your program provided a framework for my getting in the best shape ever (less fat) and wiser for healthy eating. Starting with diet and lifestyle assessment, then food and drink journal, and getting feedback from you, were a smart start. Discussions about how I could improve my diet and trying recipes you sent to me were helpful.

Your words of encouragement, homework and goal setting were key as I changed my behavior. I’m maintaining my weight and feeling great as I workout 3 or 4 times a week when home. Your way of healthy eating has become my way. Thanks for all your encouragement and sound advice.  I look forward to talking with you again after the holidays.

~ Jane Sudbrink, Chicago

You not only helped me with food but you helped me to understand that what I eat affects not only my body but my self-esteem and when you are upbeat, people notice. Thank you.

Molly Gluck, Teacher Aid, Naperville

I have dieted on and off since the 1970’s (yes, I was a young teen then). I tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, other classes, other nutritionists, and I can’t count how many books I bought (and even read a few). Some of them even worked…for a few months.

I started working with Jessi in May 2013. Combined with regular workouts, I have lost — and kept off — 28 pounds. I still have more to go, but what I appreciate most about Jessi, that I actually knew I should do but couldn’t get done on my own, was her support in guiding me to take it slowly and really learn and incorporate small changes over time.

With Jessi’s help, I make little changes here and there, I’ve tried new foods and some of them are now in my daily/weekly eating, and I actually look forward to eating them. The new things I tried and didn’t like never made it into my routine. I even have a “treat day,” so I can enjoy a little chocolate or something else I love, and that helps me continue to make progress. Over several months, these little changes created a much healthier approach to eating for life that I enjoy and expect to sustain.

I always sought that silver bullet. A few magical things I could do for a while, then go back to my old ways. It never worked. Now I am embracing a healthier approach, feeling great, and making good progress with my overall fitness. My family and my doctor are celebrating my success, and I think I can do this for a lifetime. I still seek Jessi’s support every few months, make a few adjustments and keep moving ahead. She is friendly, warm, funny, compassionate, and she’s a great coach in helping me be well.

Terrie Stengel, Glenview, Illinois